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Fulfilled Friday

I’m quite happy on what I have accomplished today that i can’t help to blog about it.
1. Join in the ministry -check
2. Go to dentist – check
3. Buy notebook and blouses – check
4. Have my eyeglasses checked – check
5. Cook dinner – check.
Besides all of these i’m quite happy that the dentist noted that i don’t have any problems with my teeth. It’s good I have taken more effort in taking care of my teeth after I got my root canal and crown last january. Another good news is that I don’t need to change my glasses, my eyegrade remained the same.
Ok enough of my bragging, will sleep now. Good night world and thanks for this fulfilling day!


Today is my 7th year in the workforce. Ironically, it is today also that I received an email from HR for my employee clearance. I have already rendered my resignation yesterday and will be working for the company until the end of the September. This is the second time that I have decided to resign from my job, but the reasons for leaving is quite different this time around. I have to go back to our province and help my parents in our business, and to take care of them too, since recently they have health problems. There are definitely many considerations, especially since I might no longer be working on the same field where I thrived for these 7 years. Handling a business (i.e. businessman) and being a programmer (i.e. employee) are two different things. Moreover, the team I have worked with are already endeared to me, it is really very hard to give up my work easily. However, my parents live on the province and it wouldn’t be practical shuttling every so often to our province and back to Manila. I think I can best take care of them and help them if I am there with them. The congregation there is also in need of pioneers, so hopefully I can be of help too in covering the large territory. As for my friends and workmates in Manila, although I may not always be with them, I will make sure to keep in touch. I’m hoping that I made the right decision and hopefully hurdle the new challenge ahead of me. Wish me the best!


I am so happy that my name correction request on Cebu Pacific was approved. You see, I booked for six friends yesterday, availing of CebuPac’s piso fare offer. Because the site has very high traffic, I was already tired  typing the same details over and over again and on the third try, I didn’t bother to double check the names. I typed my friend’s nickname instead of her true name on the first name field. Her nickname and true name are totally different and it is hard to validate if the names belong to the same person. So I called CebuPac’s hotline (Tel: +63-2-70-20-888) and they informed me that it will be ok if my friend has an id bearing her nickname. Alas, there was none! So the next option is to email a duly notarized pro-forma affidavit and scanned 2 id pictures.

Since my friend works on a 4 am – 12 pm shift, she was asleep when I arrived from work. I was really worried that her blood pressure will shoot up upon knowing my mistake so I didn’t get some sleep and just waited for her response on my text message at 3 in the morning. Thank goodness that she wasn’t angry! It was also good thing we are neighbors so I just asked for her documents and signature so that I can have the affidavit notarized in the morning. I emailed the requested documents and received a reply after 1 1/2 hour. They requested for a scanned copy of her birth certificate. It was good that she gave me a copy of that document too. After two hours I already received a confirmation that the name correction was approved, to my relief.

So, the lesson is to always check the details if you are filling up forms, especially those that concern billing. Props to the CebuPacific customer support team for handling this request :). I advise people who encounter the same problem as I did to go through the procedure if it was really an honest mistake. I think the effort is worth it, compared to booking another flight or paying 1344 pesos for name change. Also, it is advisable to register a login for CebuPacific, since getting a booking is faster and saves you time in typing the contact details. OK CebuPac, I am giving you good publicity as a token of my gratitude hehe ;P.

That was another sleepless night for the clumsy one!

Just as we are to wrap up our workday we felt a strong earthquake at our office this evening, around 6:30 pm. The movement was vertical, quite different from our previous experiences where the movement we felt was horizontal. The memory of the tsunami in Japan is still fresh on the  minds of the people, so it was expected that our colleagues on our floor (7th of a 10 floor building) got frantic after feeling the quake. I also felt the jolt with my seat moving up then down. I was surprised but I doubted if it was indeed an earthquake, since during that time there are some drilling work being done just across our office. Thank goodness for twitter, within a minute we already know that it was indeed a quake, initially pegged at magnitude 4.6 then promoted to 5.7. The details are provided on the Phivolcs site. They mentioned that the body of water hit is the Manila Trench. I think these series of earthquakes and the recent quakes in our province Ilocos Norte  are somewhat related, considering that the western part of Luzon runs parallel to the Manila trench. I suspect that an earthquake may soon emanate from this side of our country. I am not a geologist but my guts tell me such. Even this article  mentioned that Phivolcs suspects that the Manila trench could generate a strong earthquake and tsunami.

I just pray that we can be spared from a strong earthquake, although I know that we are hopeless in the face of natural occurences such as these. I may need to check on survival tips and what to do in case earthquakes and tsunamis strike. I pray also that the Japanese people would overcome their ordeal caused by the 9.0 quake and tsunami. Hopefully their nuclear reactor incident in Fukushima will also soon be contained. I would certainly remember March 2011 as a very troubled month for the world. Hopefully the war in Libya will also come to an end. What the world really needs now is God’s kingdom.


The past week has been a very happy week for me. Although I usually dread the first week of March, it was surprisingly a very good week. Last Thursday was my third work anniversary at TR. It is coincidence that my third work anniversary falls on the third day of the third month of the year (you get the 3-3-3 title right?). For our team’s lunch we ordered chicken lollipop, pork barbeque, pichi-pichi, pansit malabon and lumpia from Amber’s Golden Plate. Since we are at Taguig, I have to pay additional 150 for the delivery fee. The fee is quite reasonable since the order will be coming from Makati and it is very seldom that we get to eat those kinds of food. If ever you need to order, I suggest that you call 2 hours prior to your lunch. I called around 9 am and we got the orders 2 hours after. The lady on the phone was courteous and I did not have any problems with my orders aside from the lead time in ordering the food. They have a website where you can check on their menu, prices and contact details. I miscalculated on the food but it was good anyway that we still have food to spare for others and for our merienda. Sobrang nabusog ako kasi puros carbs! People on our team have always been very nice to me and I really appreciate their kindness so I hope they enjoyed their food. 🙂

Last Saturday I also turned 28. Since I don’t celebrate it, only a few greeted me, which was good since most of them already know the reason why I don’t. I know it is cliché, but time really flies. I’m still savoring my 20s to the last drop. In two years I will be turning 30! Waaaaah! Anyway, it can be helped. Yesterday I just received good news, for now I can’t divulge the details yet. But let’s just say that since I got another year at work and age, I am validated to be a senior! Now that’s the upside of getting old. 🙂

I discourage anyone from using XAMPP for projects that could be accessed on WWW. Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) is a set of methods based on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that facilitates collaboration between users in editing and managing documents and files stored on World Wide Web servers.(source:Wikipedia) This site resides on the xampp htdocs directory and is enabled by default with a simple username and password. Thus, it can easily be accessed by hackers to put scripts like shell.php that sends UDP packets to a host at a specified time.

Just sharing so that you won’t fall into the trap. It has been a bad day for me today, my boss in Japan got angry that this happened on one of our machines in a VM server. He said it is embarassing since the incident report was escalated to upper management, you know, the BIG BIG bosses. The malicious script attempts to send UDP packets to a host, and is taking a significant amount of CPU time from the VM server which also houses one of our production sites. It is good that our technical group in Japan was able to block the UDP packets and the site was shut down for investigation.

I learned my lesson the hard way so make sure you guys be aware of security loopholes on applications that you may be installing on your machines. It is ironic though, that today I also received my merit award for my hard work last year. All my excitement on receiving it went to the drain because of this unfortunate incident. I just hope that Iwill still have my job tomorrow! 😛

 Oh well, all in the day of the clumsy one!

Today is my last working day for the year.  Time really flies so fast. We will start another year in just 3 days. What will 2011 hold for us? We do not know for sure but I’m quite optimistic.

Me, Tin and her friend at UP Main Lib stairs (2003)

Me, Tin and her friend at UP Main Lib stairs (2003)

Tomorrow I will be attending the wedding of my dear friend Tin whom I met on my college days. She is one of the meekest and most spiritual persons I have ever met, that’s may be the reason why she accepted the Bible truth readily when I met her at UP Main Library way back in 2002. It only took her more than a year to dedicate herself to Jehovah and signified it through water baptism. Despite opposition from her parents, she was a very zealous sister, she even helped her older sister get to know the truth and get baptized. I also admire her for making her life simple so that she can readily serve Jehovah God in full time service as a pioneer. Tin’s husband-to-be is a mature brother from their congregation, and I have known him since I accompanied Tin on her first congregation meeting in their Kingdom Hall. Although there is considerable age gap between them, I think they make a very fine pair. My prayer is that Tin and her family will continue to find happiness in the new path she will take tomorrow. 🙂

Another thing I’m looking forward to is going home to Ilocos tomorrow evening. After almost 6 months I can get to meet my parents again! I am also excited that our family will be complete this year end. Hope everyone will enjoy their vacation this year end! 🙂

[Blooper #1]

I was still half asleep this morning after I brought the trash outside our house. My bottom barely fell flat on the sofa when I heard a CRACK sound. I turned around and saw by brother-in-law’s Oakley shades broken. Waaaah! That gave me enough jolt to wake up from my half-asleep state. What to do? I immediately created a draft SMS since I was about to go to market. But, I heard from their room that Kuya is already awake so I was really fidgety on what to do. The oakley could cost me my thirteenth month pay, and breaking was clearly my fault. Despite knowing him for 8 years, I can honestly say that I am still afraid of him, much more if he is victimized by my oh so careless ways. Well I had to tell the truth, but I was surprised he didn’t get angry. Thank God it was just a fake Oakley worth 80 pesos. Am I relieved!

[Blooper #2]

After arriving from market, my young nephew took a call from his father’s phone. I heard the voice from the other line and she sounded like my sister’s friend who is in the province. I said out loud that it must be Ate Kai. Kuya took the phone from Biboy and joked around with the caller. To his surprise it was a contact agent from the Bank who wants to contact my sister. I was already in the toilet when I heard Kuya said that I was wrong and he got embarrassed by what he just did. You can just imagine me wanting to bang my head on the ceramic wall. I have no face to show anymore. It was really nice that he was in a good mood today; otherwise I may be receiving my eviction notice by end of day. 😛
Aside from the bloopers today I got a call from our boss in Japan. He rarely calls us, but since our boss here in Manila is not in, he called me directly regarding our task progress. It was good that he asked via IM before he called. But it was a frightener nonetheless.

Well, all in a day of the clumsy one.

Thanks brain!

Thanks brain for giving some sense to my confusion and for bringing me back to reality. It has been five days already,  I should get back to regular programming before i go errant again.

Otherwise, please hit my head again…

Happy mood

There are several reasons why I’m in a happy mood today.
[1] I learned great news about two acquaintances. yey!
[2] Our October plans are pushing through. double yey!
[3] I was able to meet my target hours for the 2010 Service year. triple Yey!
I am so thankful to Jehovah God for all the blessings. So for the coming months I’ll do my best to pay forward all these good things that I’m currently enjoying.